Our Name

The first Focus Research, Inc office was started in New Orleans in 1991 by Kirsty Nunez, who still serves as the company's president today. In 2011, after 20 years in business and amidst expansion to a new San Diego office, we became Q2 Insights. The new name embodies what we do—“Q2” referring to the qualitative and quantitative research we offer; “Insights” pointing to the underlying truths of what our research and innovation work reveals.

Our Work

We have developed in-depth expertise in the following industries.
They represent only a handful of fields we have served over the last 20 years:
  • Restaurant Industry: restaurant service and food products, fine dining, fast casual, smart casual, quick-service restaurants and coffee houses
  • Healthcare: general practitioners, specialists, nurses, allied health professionals, pharmacists, patients, hospitals, managed care organizations and pharmaceutical
  • Financial: banks (especially regional) and credit card companies
  • Insurance: various agencies and workers comp
  • Other Categories: oil & gas, utilities, public health and advertising agencies

Our Philosophy

There are plenty of market research firms out there, very few which have the disciplined approach and experience that we do. Here’s a peek into how we tick:
  • Innovation. Commitment to new ideas, new processes, and fresh thinking is the primary key to growth in an existing business. We help our clients to be nimble and reactive in a changing business world with the most informed data available.
  • Market Research. We believe that no business can thrive on gut feelings and previous experience alone. Data driven decisions are an absolute must. The cost of research is often very small in comparison to the total cost of implementing potential game-changers such as new ad campaigns or new product launches, and may ultimately have the greatest bearing on your success.
  • Multi-Talented Team. The Q2 Insights team has deep experience in marketing, advertising, psychology, statistics, economics and business strategy. Our team is intentionally diverse to promote an atmosphere of expansive thinking. On each project, the interplay and intellectual debate among consultants leads to the best possible results for our clients.
  • Enduring Client Relationships. Our ability to provide strategic information, tactical insight, and long-term success has afforded us many client relationships that we are proud of. Q2 Insights delivers a personal business experience with real, proven results.
  • Continual Training. Our team members frequently attend conferences, workshops, trainings, and industry events in order to maintain our strength in thought leadership. Count on us to have the most current information on what's available, and the best recommendations for how to utilize the right methods for optimal success.

Our key values

These are the driving forces behind everything we do:
  • Challenge. To grow better at what we do, we continually face complex and demanding tasks and problems.
  • Creativity. We enjoy discovering, developing and designing new ideas, programs and techniques using innovation and imagination.
  • Collaboration. There is no “I” in market research. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with clients and help them get the answers they are looking for.
  • Change/Variety. We embrace the absence of routine in terms of work responsibilities and settings. Unpredictability puts an extra skip in our step.
  • Learning. We fully accept and enjoy the fact that learning is a lifetime activity. We never assume; we discover.
  • Integrity. We say what we mean. We mean what we say. We do what we say.
  • Competence. We demonstrate a high degree of proficiency and effectiveness.
  • Helping Others. We thoroughly enjoy assisting our clients in attaining their goals.